Quarry Development Update

Update on the Quarry Development from the Quarry Neighborhood Action Group
June 2023
– There is a construction moratorium on the 27 lot Main Quarry Plat from March 15 through July 10, 2023 due to a Department of Natural Resources (DNR) identified Falcon’s nest site. For this reason, activity on the main quarry ledge has not been observed.
– A waterfront parcel south of George Pinney Park has been cleared of vegetation. Plans for that parcel have not been identified by the owner. The DNR and Door County Land Use Services (DCLUS) have investigated and monitored. 
– A road from Bayshore Drive has been constructed to two lots on the northwest Quarry mid-level ledge. One of those lots has been sold.
– Representatives from Quarry Neighborhood Action Group have monitored and  communicated with the DNR and DCLUS when there are concerns and questions or activity at the Quarry and will continue to do so.