Invasive Species Control Grant

BSPOA Invasive Species Grant Instructions 2024

BSPOA members are eligible for up to $500 in matching funds per year (50/50) for the treatment and removal of various targeted invasive species, ie: buckthorn, honeysuckle, garlic mustard, dames rocket, Autumn Olive, and others. (Note: the BSPOA grant differs from the DCIST grant which targets Phragmites, Purple Loosestrife, Wild Parsnip, Teasel, and Knotweed. See deadlines on DCIST site or call Jamie for information).

BSPOA Program Administrator is Jamie Palmer.
Contact Information: Email: [email protected] Phone: 920-559-1007 (phone after May 18th)

Application Procedures are as follows:

1. If you know that you have one or more of the BSPOA covered invasive plants listed above, first contact one of the certified and licensed expert invasive eradication contractors listed below to arrange for a site visit and estimate. These specialize in the plants BSPOA is targeting:
Jason Wilke, Sturgeon Bay: 920-493-1788
Joseph Ramcheck, Green Bay: 920-437-2997
David Doering, Green Bay: 920-497-7263

2. Members should then submit the BSPOA Invasive Species grant application along with the estimate from the contractor to the Program Administrator for approval BEFORE the work is scheduled. Click on the application link below:

If you are unsure whether your property contains any of the plants listed above, you may contact the Program Administrator to arrange for a site visit by one of our knowledgeable volunteer team members.

3. Members contact the Program Administrator to schedule a site visit before and after the work is completed. In order for BSPOA to release the grant funds to your contractor, before and after site visits by your Program Administrator are mandatory.

4. After the final inspection is conducted by the Program Administrator, the board will approve the distribution of the funds to the contractor.

Failure to follow all 4 of the grant program application procedures will result in the application being denied. Contact the Program Administrator if you have questions regarding the grant program or application procedures.

Note: BSPOA and its agents do not represent or guarantee that the work performed by the contractor is or will be in compliance with the contractor's bid/contract with the member. BSPOA and its agents’ sole function is to pay half the cost (up to $500 per year, per member) for the removal of the invasive species identified by BSPOA’s program.