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Purpose: To maintain the safe, natural and aesthetic character of the Bay Shore Drive area. To further this purpose we do many projects including each year members do a trash cleanup of Bay Shore Drive from Sturgeon Bay to Egg Harbor as well and a raking of the beach at Horseshoe Bay.

Mission: To provide a forum for discussion and action on issues that impact the residential character of the neighborhoods and those that affect the character of Door County and/or the property rights of Bay Shore property owners.

BSPOA also supports the following: Horseshoe Bay Cave Tours, Bay Shore Drive Spring Pickup/Cleanup, Door County Triathlon, Invasive Species Team, Door County Fall 50 ,Bay Shore Blufflands Nature Preserve .

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No Quarry  RV Village


May 2021


We need your help writing to the Resource Planning Committee .

On May 6, 2021, the Dreutzer-Goelz Project filed a preliminary conceptual plat to divide the quarry above George K. Pinney park into a major land sub-division for 43 home lots. Thirty-two of the 43 lots are less than an acre.

The Quarry Neighborhood Action Group has the same environmental concerns about this project as with the RV Village. There are unanswered questions about how to protect the bay and preserve our fragile Niagara Escarpment.

Especially, in regard to: Stormwater runoff permit Private Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems (septic systems) Public health and safety due to blasting Groundwater protection We want to preserve and protect this property. Over the last year, numerous parties have attempted to contact the owner to purchase the property to no avail.

Due to your interest in protecting the environment and the peacefulness of Door County, we urge you to submit an email to the Resource Planning Committee (RPC) prior to June 3rd where this project will reviewed.  
Correspondence should be sent to the Resource Planning Committee to the attention of Mariah Goode at [email protected] A public hearing will NOT be held for the preliminary conceptual plan. Your concerns in writing may be instrumental in the rejection of this plan.

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August 2020 Update Board of Adjustment Postpones Permit Appeal to Feb. 2, 2021

On Tuesday, July 28, 2020, the Door County Zoning Board of Adjustment (BOA) granted a postponement of the April 13 Quarry Bluff LLC permit appeal hearing for the proposed high-density subdivision/RV campground on the quarry site above George K. Pinney County Park on Bay Shore Drive. The appeal hearing will now be held at 9:00 a.m. on February 2, 2021. In February, the Door County Resource Planning Committee ruled unanimously to deny the application for failing to demonstrate by substantial evidence that requirements and conditions were satisfied on 6 of the 17 CUP criteria. Earlier, the Sevastopol Town Board and the Sevastopol Plan Commission also unanimously recommended denial. If three of the five on the BOA vote “yes” to the appeal the permit is approved independent of these earlier hearings. In the Quarry Bluff letter requesting postponement, Margaret Turk, Tom Goelz and Mike Parent indicated that they are "currently negotiating possible alternative uses for the property" that do not require a CUP. They have not sought community input or considered citizens' and area residents' concerns as part of their thinking. We will be monitoring this process closely. The postponement of the appeal hearing is concerning for Quarry Neighborhood Action Group and Bay Shore Property Owners Association. This decision adds another six months to the resolution of the CUP permit. Uncertainty and disruption as a result of the RV Village permit application have already caused significant economic loss for neighbors surrounding the proposed development and along Bay Shore Drive. Further delay may cause continuing financial expense and property value loss for residents. Our fight continues to preserve and protect the natural beauty of Door County while recognizing property rights. We support and seek the ways and means to create projects that positively impact Door County public health, safety, and general welfare, focusing on the old quarry above the George K. Pinney County Park. To learn more about this remarkable piece of the Niagara Escarpment and its vital role in the health and safety of our land and water in Door County, watch a video on this You Tube link by Roger Kuhns, PhD., a renowned geologist and fierce advocate for the natural treasures of Door County. 

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