Many BSPOA activities are ongoing from year to year, so this list is selected highlights.

1997:  Founded and elected first official steering committee and held a meeting for all members.  

Met with Westwood Shores developer to encourage building a berm with vegetation to soften visual impact of property from road.

1998: Represented on Multiple Occupancy Steering Committee for the purpose of reviewing and making recommendations for the Door County zoning ordinance.

1999: Participated in developing a resolution to establish an ad hoc Sevastopol land use committee to develop a long-term land use plan for the township.  Resolution approved at the annual Town Meeting.  The study was referenced for the Sevastopol Smart Growth plan.

2000:  In response to resident interest, expanded BSPOA membership to Egg Harbor Township.  

Coordinated a meeting with former Assemblyman Dave Hutchison to discuss need for limiting construction of solid fill dock piers along Green Bay shoreline. Met with DNR staff to develop a more complete permit application and provided testimony at solid fill dock hearings.  Applications for solid dock piers have declined.  

Provided substantial financial support for board member to actively pursue purchase options of the Hutter property before development interests closed opportunity. This effort led to the purchase by the Door County Land Trust of the property known as the Bayshore Bluffland Preserve.   

2001: Met with Door County Road Commissioner regarding timing of roadside mowing/trimming to request later summer schedule for benefit of blooming plants.  

Initiated anecdotal histories of properties and residents along Bay Shore Drive to preserve historical data and information.

2002:  Supported initiative of a public access channel for Sevastopol.  Channel 19 in operation.

Initiated annual spring cleanup along 13-miles of Bay Shore Drive.

2003:  Lobbied Sevastopol Town Board to not increase Bay Shore Drive speed limit due to safety concerns.  Encouraged Town to look at increasing passing zones.  Both successful.

Supported residents in their efforts to preserve Sunset Lane’s natural roadside with testimony and a contribution.

2004:  Initiated water testing for bacteria levels along a 13-mile stretch of Green Bay. 

Participated in Door County Invasive Species Team work that lead to informative brochures and website for invasive species identification and control techniques.

2005:  Organized BSPOA volunteers to provide assistance for Door County Triathlon. 

Implemented an email system for membership.

2006:  Initiated a propane survey to obtain reduced negotiated price. *

Endorsed Door Property Owners PR campaign to work with community, local and state officials to target dishwashing detergent and fertilizers that contain phosphates, which harm marine life, degrade water quality and generate a green algae.

2007:  Pledged 400-hours of membership work to identify and treat invasive species on the Blufflands and on local, private property.  BSPOA commitment helped DCLT receive an $18,000 grant.  Surpassed pledged hours.

Represented on Egg Harbor and Sevastopol Smart Growth Committees.

Received $1000 grant for water testing program coordinated with UW Oshkosh.

2008:  Completed a Microsoft Access database to simplify multiple functions and to enable BSPOA to notify members by email of timely issues.

2009:  Developed and implemented BSPOA website.

Asked Sturgeon Bay Utilities to add a shield to direct highway lighting downward at intersections of County BB and Dunn Road with Bay Shore Drive, as part of the BSPOA Dark Skies initiative.  

2010:  Represented on the Door County Bike and Pedestrian Advisory Committee, Door Property Owners, Door County Land Trust, Door County Silent Sports Alliance and Door County Invasive Species Team. 

2011:  Pledged another 400-hour service commitment, over a two-year period, to Door County Land Trust for identification and removal of invasive species, which also helps the DCLT to receive grants.

Committed to obtain 12 BSPOA volunteers to assist with the Fall 50 (run from Gills Rock to Sturgeon Bay).

Conducted a 13-mile GPS identification of phragmites along the shoreline for The Ridges Door County assessment.

2012:  Provided assistance to organizers and obtained 12 BSPOA volunteers for the new Half Iron Man, which adds a second day to the Door County triathlon held at Murphy Park.

Offered an Invasive Species Eradication presentation to membership.

Researched zoning, firework and residential camping regulations, in response to member concern.

Launched 50/50 grant program for removal of honeysuckle and buckthorn, which are invasive species. *

Updated software to enable mailing of electronic newsletters. 

2013:  Based on BSPOA work with invasive species removal and education, nominated by the Door County Invasive Species Team for the state ‘Invasive Crusader’ award.

Supported and provided assistance for three Egg Harbor Conservation projects.

Attended seminars for Climate Change and Emerald Ash Borer.

Incorporated to limit potential liability for board members.

2014:  Designed and emailed members a survey to quantify the demand for high speed internet service and had meetings with internet providers.

Attended Door County Planning and Zoning Committee meetings to discuss tower ordinance proposals.

Wrote letter to Wisconsin legislators regarding Shoreline Zoning proposals.

2015:  Expanded 50/50 grant program to include eradication of all invasive species included in the Door County Invasive Species Team brochure. *

Met with county staff and park volunteers to discuss Murphy Park needs.  Subsequently, contributed $2100 to the Door County Parks Department to help underwrite the cost for personal protective gear for the Horseshoe Bay cave tours at Murphy Park and provided volunteers with personal safety gear for public tours.

2016:  Completed annual 13 miles of spring clean-up along Bay Shore Drive and added four miles of adjoining roads off Bay Shore Drive.

BSPOA volunteers worked with DC Park employees to rake and clean the Murphy Park beach.

Developed partnership with Sevastopol Town Board to monitor phragmites along Bay Shore Drive.

2017:  Celebrated our 20th year anniversary.

Introduced electronic newsletter and electronic bulletins, known as ‘Constant Contact” to improve membership communication.

Developed a three-year partnership control program for buckthorn at Bay Shore Blufflands with Door County Land Trust to eradicate invasive species in the preserve.  A demonstration garden was planted summer of 2018 to show natural species that can replace invasive plants. 

2018:  BSPOA board member elected to be a Sevastopol Town Board Supervisor.

Assisted with planting of demonstration garden at Bay Shore Blufflands to show natural plants that can replace invasives.

Co-sponsored the DC Planning Department organization of the Shoreline Zoning Education Seminar.

Organized and held the first summer Picnic Social at Murphy Park.

2019: Wrote Governor to support renewal of the Knowles-Nelson Stewardship Fund.

Made contributions: Door County Land Trust buckthorn control program, Celebrate Water Door County 2019 Water Summit and Crossroads.

Received presentation to inform Board of proposed quarry ledge development at the Olde Quarry Park for a campground that would allow 117 motorhomes and include onsite homes, a swim pool, club house, and maintenance building.

Opposed rezoning of "The Cabin" on Bay Shore Drive for a pool and spa hot tub retail business.  Sevastopol Town Board opposed.

Opposed proposal for retail wine license to sell wine from residence on Bay Shore Drive.  Sevastopol Town Board voted against it.

2020: Board appointed a committee to work with the Quarry Neighborhood Action Group to oppose the quarry ledge campground development.  Efforts included independent research, legal and environmental consultations, meetings with DNR and other agencies, fundraising, outreach to public, participation in hearings.  DC Resource Planning Committee unanimously denied the proposal.  Developers elected not to appeal the decision. Selected BSPOA activities were put on hold during this period.

Annual meeting held virtually as a result of COVID.

In response to rapid growth of Short Term Rentals (STR) in Sevastopol, the Town Board determined to develop an STR Ordinance.  BSPOA endorsed its "objective and intent" to help retain the character of the Bay Shore Drive neighborhood area.  The Town Board unanimously approved the ordinance July 2021 and full implementation was completed by July 2022.

Opposed and contributed to the legal expenses for the Dollar General project on Hwy 42 in the Egg Harbor Township.  The Town Board denied the project.

Represented at the Midwest Environmental Advocates educational meeting for the Great Lakes and its Drinking Water.

2021:  Conducted a professional 2019-2020 financial audit and the results concluded the "Records were in good order."

The second quarry proposal, initially consisting of 43 homesites and permitted in the DC Zoning Ordinance, was submitted to the DC Land Use Department in June 2021.  The Old Quarry Group addressed communication outreach and the BSPOA Board established an Ad Hoc committee "to monitor and to meet with appropriate government agencies."

2022: Celebrated 25th year Anniversary.

In coordination with the DC Highway Department, the BSPOA initiated, purchased, and coordinated the installment of two flashing speed monitoring signs for Bay Shore Drive.

Contracted and created a new more functional design for the website, which is to include online membership registration, renewal, and payments.

On August 18, 2022, the Door County Resource Planning Committee voted 3-2 to approve the Quarry Bluff LLC development project.  The Quarry Ad Hoc group will meet to discuss any potential next steps.


*  Programs to save BSPOA members money.