Update on the Status of the Leathem Smith Quarry Development

May 2021, the Margaret Dreutzer Trust and developer Tom Goelz initiated a development proposal for the abandoned Leathem Smith quarry with the Door County Land Use Services (DCLUS) for 43 residential sites.

The Bay Shore Property Owners Assoc. Board chartered the Quarry Ad Hoc committee in May 2021 to monitor the project development.

Feb 12, 2022 the WDNR approved a Stormwater Permit for the project.

A second WDNR Wet Pond Permit was approved on June 15th.

The committee has met three times with Mariah Goode, DC Land Use Services and Greg Colthurst, DC Soil and Water Dept, to discuss issues and understand the permitting process. Since no zoning variation is required, the ability to interface with the County Resource Planning Commission (RPC) is extremely limited.

The RPC could address this project at a July meeting.

Throughout this process several individual meetings with the property owner requesting the potential to purchase the property for public use were not successful.